THE ROCKING COMEDY SHOW 959: Does The Mistletoe Really Go There?
The Rocking Comedy Show episode 959 with Crazy Jay Bird, Dan Doran & Mad Mike. They welcome Tim Cooper Alex Aanderud andCameron Dettman who will be stopping by to do some tunes as well. We only have 2 shows left for the year!!


THE ROCKING COMEDY SHOW 958: “Santa Are those your Sugar Plums?

The Rocking Comedy Show #958 “Santa Are Those Your Sugar Plumbs? or You Just Happy To See Me? We get closer to wrapping up for the year, and what a year it has been. Coming to you LIVE from the 44th floor we have Paige Overton, and the man behind the big Toys for Tots Military Show it’s LJ Harness and also today coming on the show today we have Franks & Deans. Myself along with Victor Hernandez and hopefully Dan Doran we bring you this fun filled show that goes


The Rocking Comedy Show #957 “Look at those sugar plums!” On the show today the A & B Side of Holiday music, We talk worst gifts ever received Dan Doran really trying to be nice this year and do the show all week!! Also we welcome Mikey Slyman to the show, and we had are-schedule for Monday so we welcome back to the Rick Duarte to the show, and long time friend of the show as well Zac Hilon will be stopping by.


On this episode Crazy Jay, Mad Mike, and Do-tard Dan talk past episodes, play the Time Machine of Music, Word of the Day and more.


We ask the question “Is a baby infant, really tender and mild?” and if so.. who’s tasting them? The holiday hilarity continues with a special edition of the Time Machine of Music, we have the 15 most obscure Christmas Songs you need to hear in your lifetime It’s also National Cookie Day, We also have Victor Hernandez, and Dan Doran. We will be speaking with a very special guest who made the news over the weekend.