Rocking Comedy Show #824
We have the one and only Paul Shortino stopping by the 44th floor. We have Celbs Gone Bad “Rockstar” Edition along with Time Machine of Music, What Year is it? and more. Along with Crazy Jay bringing you the laughs there is Mad Mike and Philip Kotler.  


Rocking Comedy Show #823

As we get closer to Halloween we have a treat for you each show and that treat today is Geechy Guy! This guy is in the world record for the most jokes told in just a few minutes. You may recognize him from America’s Got Talent a few seasons back. Mario Zapata will be co-hosting as well and today he is bringing us Celbs Gone Bad.
We also will also have laughs with Bobby Masi he has the whos who of comedy and where you can see them. Of course we have the Time Machine of Music and What Year is It? Along with the Word of The Day. COLDCOCK Whiskey Band Spotlight is happening along with some new music and more. Sounds to me like an amazing show!

Rocking Comedy Show #822

Ep 822

It’s another episode of this fun little podcast! Jay, Phil and Mike bring you this episode, and they talk comic book shows, paranormal things, play a few games, and they talk with John from Fresh Balls!!

Sweaty Balls To The Face

Ep 821

On this episode of the RCS “Crazy” Jay, Bobby Massi, and Mario Z sit back have a few drinks, and laughs. Read listener comments, play a few games, Would you rather listen to this or eat a jar of puss? Yes they even do a round of would you rather! Fun stuff here for sure.

Rocking Comedy Show #820

The Rocking Comedy Show #820 at 3:00pm (pst) 6:00pm (est) we bring you laughs with the very funny Penny Prince. Junk Mcgee has an interview with Daniel Pearce from Marvel Station at Treasure Island, Las Vegas, NV you will learn what this place is all about. Philip Kotler will teach you some great tricks to pull this Halloween! Dan Doran has the RadioContraband Under The Radar Charts Top 5, We have What year is it, Time Machine of Music, and a new game I will be introducing to the guys, We have the word of the day and more. We are powered by Gangster and could not be happier. Also shout out to Naked City Pizza Shop on Arville and to The Golden Tiki our home away from home