Drink! The show will sound better!!
Episode 808 “Crazy” Jay, Phil, and Dan bring you this episode of the RCS. They have fun with Chris Alan of Gangster Headphones, as well as a great band called Sincity 4. Lots of good fun on this show. Talk about the list of 35 singers who are nobody these days, play a few games, and drank a lot. (THERE WAS AN AUDIO ISSUE IN THE FIRST PART OF THE SHOW WE EDITED IT OUT, SO THERE ARE A FEW MINUTES MISSING)


Not 806! It’s 807!

Episode 807

Mentioned as episode 806 for the whole episode we later found out it was 807!! “Crazy” Jay, Bobby Masi, and Mario Z sit down with ZE Ginger the creator of The Naked Donald Trump Statues, and we also get a call from the Donald (Tom Stevens) as well. Pretty fun show here.

Rocking Comedy Show #806

Episode 806

“Crazy” Jay, Phillip Kottler, and Dan Doran bring you this one. They talk movie re-boots, news, blowjobs and coffee, and comedian Mike Saccone stops by to have some fun playing “What Year Is This?” and more.

Rocking Comedy Show 805

Episode 805

On this fun packed episode “Crazy” Jay, Bobby Masi, and Mario Z talk with the Council Band, play some games, and just have fun!

Rocking Comedy Show Episode 804

Episode 804

What a fun episode “Crazy” Jay and Philip Kottler bring you this one. They sit down with Grant Baciocco of Throwing Toasters fame is on the show but because he is in Vegas as part of the show Puppet Up! Also on the show Stephanie Castellone also stopped by to have some fun.